Improving Your Workflow

Improving your email workflow with some helpful updates!

We’ve all done it. Probably more than once. You write out your email and carefully craft your explanation of the files or pictures you are attaching. Satisfied, you hit “send”…only to realize in a flash of frustration that you forgot to actually attach your attachments. Typically, it’s too late to fix this minor blunder. You’re forced to craft another email, apologetically explaining your mistake.

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Device Password

PSMail supports a capability known ass “Device Password” or “App Password” for securing your account. The problem with password is that a single password is typically used for your account across multiple devices and multiple. This single password can possibly be guessed with scanning attempts by Botnets (a collection of compromised computers).

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Searching Email Efficiently

Ever want to find a specific email, but aren’t sure when it was sent? Or want to find all the email you’ve gotten from a specific person? Or on a specific topic? By formatting your search to target a specific batch of email from your inbox, you can reduce all the time you spend clicking through past messages. Here’s how: 

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Contacts automation in webmail

Email has become vital to our communication, whether it be with friends, family, or business contacts, and so it’s important for your email to be as efficient as possible. At PSMail, we’ve continued to work towards this end and want to draw your attention to some common email tasks that are now automated. We trust this will save you both time and effort as you go about your daily communication.

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