ZeroPass – Push Authentication

ZeroPass is a new feature we’re introducing  to your PSMail account that will enable you to  login to your account without the  need for a password. PSMail has featured the app PSMail2FA as a way for users to take advantage ofTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA) in securing their account. This same app now supports ZeroPass – a feature that uses push authentication to reduce the risks associated with traditional passwords. In addition to the app, the only other requirement is a mobile device that can support biometric authentication.

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PSMailbox app lock screen

PSMailbox app on Android and iPhone has an automatic lock that locks the app with a lock screen. The App can be unlocked using either your biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition) authentication or any local protection such as passcode you have on your mobile device. The default timeout for the app is 30 minutes. You can change the default timeout or disable the locking entirely

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SETUP: Using PSCalendar with Android

Android phones come with a built-in calendar that can be used to subscribe to events or to schedule/manage calendars. Unfortunately, Android does not natively support protocols Caldav and Webcal (with authentication), which are used in PSMail. However, if you want to sync your PSCalendar to your android device, a third party application called Caldav-Sync (Google Play) can help you integrate your PSCalendar system using these protocols in a secure way.

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SETUP: ActiveSync using Android phone/tablet

Android phones/tablets and PSMail support Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol to get push notifications from your PSMail account on your mobile devices. Instructions for configuring your Android to PSMail are as follows. (NOTE: As an example, these screenshots are provided from an Android Motorola phone. Your phone or device might look slightly different.)

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What is Mobile VPN?

Mobile VPN is the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provided by PSMail. VPN is a private network system that uses the public internet to “tunnel” traffic secretly and securely from your PC/phone to a computer network. This allows you to safely access your PSMailbox and other Internet resources from a limited or unsecure network connection (ex. public wireless or internet cafe). Continue reading What is Mobile VPN?