ZeroPass – PSMail Mobile Apps

In the ongoing effort to reduce the risk of password usage, PSMail apps now support also ZeroPass our password less technology that is built using FIDO2 technology. If your phone supports this secure way of authentication you will be prompted to enable and use the Security Key (Android) or PassKey (iPhone) as a place to securely store your private key. Follow along to learn how to use this.

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ZeroPass – Browser Login

PSMail’s ZeroPass technology works to provide you passwordless access to your account. This is done using the latest FIDO2 authentication framework. If your device supports a FIDO2 enabled browser , you can register the device to login without having to enter your password. The best available local authenticators – such as Biometric or local hardware keys (USB) – can safely store a private key that can be registered and used for passwordless login. Follow along to learn how

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Device Password

PSMail supports a capability known ass “Device Password” or “App Password” for securing your account. The problem with password is that a single password is typically used for your account across multiple devices and multiple. This single password can possibly be guessed with scanning attempts by Botnets (a collection of compromised computers).

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What is a software token and how do I use it?

A software token is a type of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) that provides additional security for your account by requiring both your password and a random token number for access. The random token number is dependant on a private key file that is generated for you.*  The token number changes every 15 minutes, making it impossible for others to eavesdrop and/or guess your access information.

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What is virtual keypad login?

Virtual keypad is a technology used by PSMail for subscribers who need to access their account from a public place or using a public computer. Many such situations, such as at an Internet cafe’ or airport, expose you to keystroke loggers and software password sniffers that can collect your password as you type it, thus compromising your secure email account. Continue reading What is virtual keypad login?

Strong Passwords

PSMail Quick Tip: Poor passwords are the weakest link in your security. To have the best password, it’s best to think of it not as a password but as a passphrase. A good passphrase is easy to remember but it is also long and contains a mixture of letters, numbers, and/or special characters that make it difficult for anyone to guess. Also, keep in mind that a long passphrase you can remember is better than a short, complex password that you will forget or have to jot down on paper (where it can be lost or stolen).

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