Improving Your Workflow

Improving your email workflow with some helpful updates!

We’ve all done it. Probably more than once. You write out your email and carefully craft your explanation of the files or pictures you are attaching. Satisfied, you hit “send”…only to realize in a flash of frustration that you forgot to actually attach your attachments. Typically, it’s too late to fix this minor blunder. You’re forced to craft another email, apologetically explaining your mistake.

But no more!

In our most recent update, we’ve added a feature that will allow you to retrieve an email when you’ve clicked the “send” button a bit early. Whether it was an accidental omission, forgetting to add your attachment, or a last thought that strikes you just a moment too late, you can now fix your mistake without needing to send the explanatory second email. Here’s how it works.

Once you click “send” on an email, you’ll see an automatic notice pop up in the top, right corner of your screen (see below).

Send Email with confirmation

If you’re sure you haven’t forgotten anything, simply click “send now!” or allow the 20 second timer to expire while you move on to other tasks. The email will send as normal. If, however, you need to call the message back – perhaps to attach the forgotten attachment – you can click “cancel” and fix the mistake before it’s send into the wide world.

We make other accidental clicks as well, don’t we? Have you even deleted a message and realized – a split-second too late – that you actually needed that address or phone number or other information in the text? Like above, deleting an email will now present you with an option to undo an inadvertent mistake. Once you’ve clicked the “delete” icon in a message, you’ll see a notice like this one:

Delete after confirmation

You can click “Confirm” to delete it permanently or move on to other tasks and the 20 second timer will run out and delete it automatically. If before the timer is over, you initiate a new delete, the old delete is canceled. Our deletes are secure deletes so emails that are deleted cannot be recovered for your priovacy and security. (NOTE: PSMail has always had a safety-net to prevent emails from being deleted inadvertently, but previously it was a cumbersome process that required you to click several buttons in succession to confirm the deletion. Our new system preserves the protection but eliminates the hassle.)

Finally, since we were in an updating mood, we decided to simplify the email composition screen. While occasionally you may need to use various fonts, sizes, alignments, and other formatting tools, often you just need to pound out an email without all those options cluttering up the screen. So we’ve hidden them:

Menu expansion option

All the same options are still available. Just click the little drop-down arrow to reveal or hide them as you see fit.

Hopefully these little changes will avoid some unnecessary stress (“Oops, I forgot too…!”) and streamline your email experience. As always, we welcome your feedback. Just drop us a line here.

NOTE: The new updates include standard sound effects for sending and deleting email and for the notification of new email. If you prefer to disable these sounds, you can do so under Preferences in your sidebar menu.