SetUP: MobileVPN for Smartphone/Tablet

PSMobileVPN is a supported solution that can be used with Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad, kindle, and a variety of other similar devices. A simple install of the VPN app and you will be able to enjoy the protection of secure browsing from your lightweight mobile device.

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SETUP: AnyVPN for universal VPN

AnyVPN is the best VPN solution for your laptops, desktops, and other personal computers. The flexible software suite that supports OpenConnect (like Cisco AnyConnect) combines with a robust redundant VPN server infrastructure so you can experience reliable and trustworthy browsing of internet resources. Whether you are a traveling student or an expat business owner, this VPN provides you with convenient and reliable service.

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SETUP: PSVPN for iPad/iPhone

I also created and tested openvpn profile for IOS , can you check these steps out
1. Install openvpn from the Appstore
2. Go to – authenticate an\
d download this file to open it with Openvpn app.
3. On openvpn App confirm adding this profile by tapping on the + key.
4. Enter your PSMail email address as username and your PSMail password as password.\
5. Tap on On-Off button below “Disconnected” icon

Follow these steps to use SSLVPN on your iOS device (iphone/ipad/ipod) with network connectivity.  Typically we recommend that you use AnyVPN for stable usage in many restricted environments.

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If you are using Mountain Lion or updated MAC OS X with digital signatures (symptom PSVPN cannot be installed or PSVPN installer says the file is corrupt), please check our latest install instructions here:

Step 1: Click here to download a prepackaged version of Tunnelblick (version 3.1.2) specially created for PSMail subscribers (If you are prompted for a username and password, please enter your PSMail primary email address and password). You will be prompted by a window like that shown below. Select Save File and click OK.

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