ZeroPass – PSMail Mobile Apps

In the ongoing effort to reduce the risk of password usage, PSMail apps now support also ZeroPass our password less technology that is built using FIDO2 technology. If your phone supports this secure way of authentication you will be prompted to enable and use the Security Key (Android) or PassKey (iPhone) as a place to securely store your private key. Follow along to learn how to use this.

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ZeroPass – Browser Login

PSMail’s ZeroPass technology works to provide you passwordless access to your account. This is done using the latest FIDO2 authentication framework. If your device supports a FIDO2 enabled browser , you can register the device to login without having to enter your password. The best available local authenticators – such as Biometric or local hardware keys (USB) – can safely store a private key that can be registered and used for passwordless login. Follow along to learn how

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ZeroPass – Push Authentication

ZeroPass is a new feature we’re introducing  to your PSMail account that will enable you to  login to your account without the  need for a password. PSMail has featured the app PSMail2FA as a way for users to take advantage ofTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA) in securing their account. This same app now supports ZeroPass – a feature that uses push authentication to reduce the risks associated with traditional passwords. In addition to the app, the only other requirement is a mobile device that can support biometric authentication.

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PSMailbox app lock screen

PSMailbox app on Android and iPhone has an automatic lock that locks the app with a lock screen. The App can be unlocked using either your biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition) authentication or any local protection such as passcode you have on your mobile device. The default timeout for the app is 30 minutes. You can change the default timeout or disable the locking entirely

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Improving Your Workflow

Improving your email workflow with some helpful updates!

We’ve all done it. Probably more than once. You write out your email and carefully craft your explanation of the files or pictures you are attaching. Satisfied, you hit “send”…only to realize in a flash of frustration that you forgot to actually attach your attachments. Typically, it’s too late to fix this minor blunder. You’re forced to craft another email, apologetically explaining your mistake.

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Searching Email Efficiently

Ever want to find a specific email, but aren’t sure when it was sent? Or want to find all the email you’ve gotten from a specific person? Or on a specific topic? By formatting your search to target a specific batch of email from your inbox, you can reduce all the time you spend clicking through past messages. Here’s how: 

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