How can I keep my sent items organized across devices? (IMAP)

If you use IMAP and multiple devices, keeping your Sent folder synchronized across laptops, phones, tablets, and webmail (browser) can be challenging. This tip can help.

When using PSMail webmail through a browser, your sent items folder is called “SENT-ITEMS” (casE sEnsitivE), however each email client from Mac OS X Mail to Windows Outlook use several conventions for saving outgoing message in a “Sent” folder. These tips will help you so you can have a universal view of these folder.  Note: This does NOT apply to you if you use POP3 to download message and not save them on the server.

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Why have my emails disappeared?

If you use POP3 protocol and collect email using email client software (i.e. Apple’s Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.), then your email client automatically deletes these emails from the server once it collects them; they are no longer kept on the server. If you have other synced devices (such as a smartphone or tablet), it is possible you will no longer see these messages, nor will you see them when you login to your PSMailbox. Continue reading Why have my emails disappeared?