Managing Email Groups and Subscribers

PSMail webmail allows you to create Groups which are distinct from List. Lists allow you greater flexibility in managing subscribers. But if you would like just a Group email address (essentially like Broadcast List in PSLists), then you can create one and manage the subscribers.

A Group allows you to bundle a number of recipients together. To create a Group, just visit login and then go to Contacts and the sub-menu of Group. A Group can have up to 500 subscribers. the subscribers are basically email addresses that are part of the Group. Group subscribers can be from your Individual Contacts, so you can recognize their friendly name stored in your Contacts rather than their email address.

To delete a subscriber you can click on the “x” button next to a subscriber who is part of your Group. To delete the entire Group and remove all subscriber information, you can just click on the Delete button at the bottom. See image below for example.

How do I send email to a group using webmail?

PSMail addressbook offers a group address option that can be used to send email to a large group of people. These group addresses (which are separate from PSLists) are a handy way to communicate with your employees, work group, family, or friends without having to type each and every address every time you want to correspond. Continue reading How do I send email to a group using webmail?

Using Bcc and Cc with webmail

Many times when you write an email, you may want some recipients to be in the Carbon Copy (Cc) or in the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc). The different is Bcc recipients will not be able to see other recipients, works more like Groups and Lists in PSMail. When using PSMail you can select one or all recipients to become Cc or Bcc recipients.

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