What is Mobile VPN?

Mobile VPN is the VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provided by PSMail. VPN is a private network system that uses the public internet to “tunnel” traffic secretly and securely from your PC/phone to a computer network. This allows you to safely access your PSMailbox and other Internet resources from a limited or unsecure network connection (ex. public wireless or internet cafe).

How is Mobile VPN different from PSVPN?

Mobile VPN is different from PSVPN in that it is designed for lightweight devices such as mobile phones (iPhone, android, Windows Mobile) and tablets (Android tablet, iPad). Mobile VPN uses SSL protocol like PSVPN, however it uses a different lightweight client from Cisco called AnyConnect.   The software for Mobile VPN is available free from both the Apple AppStore and Android Market.

How much does Mobile VPN cost and how do I pay for it?

Update: Mobile VPN will be included in the price of PSMailbox.  There is no additional fees that will be required. This is due to the license we have been able to obtain for PSMail users.

Mobile VPN has an additional cost for licensing the Cisco based service.  It is currently in beta mode provided to all PSMail users.  In Jan 2012, an estimated additional price of $12 per user is planned for Mobile VPN service.  You should have a PSMailbox account before you can get access to the Mobile VPN. You can opt-out of Mobile VPN and continue to pay $36 per mailbox per year.

Note:  Inlike Mobile VPN, PSVPN operates only on jail broked iPhones/Androids, Ipads and it provides only limited support for other mobile operating systems.

How do I connect to Mobile VPN from my device?

Install the Anyconnect application and then create a new VPN connection.  Once you have the software installed follow instructions in our website (PSMailbox Login Required) for setting up your mobile device.

Can I access Mobile VPN on a trial period?

The demo account available for PSMailbox does not include VPN access.  However, you can request a new account at https://mail.psmail.net/newaccount and complete the payment process.  After you have paid for the account, you have 30 days within which you can cancel the service to receive full refund.

Does Mobile VPN encrypt my phone calls?

No.  Most smart phones have both data and voice channels. Mobile VPN ONLY encrypts the data channel (i.e., your phone’s access to browser, email, and internet resources).  However your voice calls are NOT encrypted via this channel.  If you use an internet based phone service (example Facetime or Skype) that uses the data channel to make phone calls, your voice calls may be encrypted when using the Mobile VPN.

What mobile phones and Tablets are supported by Mobile VPN?

Currently iPhones (version 4 and above), iPads (version 4 and above), and Android on Samsung/Lenovo/HTC are supported. Also, specific Windows Mobile support is listed below for convenience.  We recommend that you try and install AnyConnect from the Apple Appstore or Market before purchasing VPN.

HTC Imagio running Windows Mobile 6.5
HTC Tilt 2 running Windows Mobile 6.5
HTC Touch running Windows Mobile 6.0
HTC TyTN running Windows Mobile 5.0
Samsung Epix running Windows Mobile 6.1
Samsung Omnia Pro 4 running Windows Mobile 6.5
Samsung Omnia running Windows Mobile 6.1
Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 6.1

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