PSMail and Marketing Email Services

PSMail’s security includes the digital signing of each individual email (DMARC) and its Domain Name System (DNS). Though the security benefits are substantial, this feature can make it difficult for other service providers (MailChimp or Constant Contact, for example) to appropriately relay email as if the email came from a PSMail authenticated user. When using one of these third-party services, a PSMail user may have trouble getting their messages to go through and be authenticated by the recipients.

So what can a user do if they need to use one of these services while still maintaining their security? There are a few options:

  1. Use PSMail’s List service (called PSLists). While it does not currently have the features of marketing email providers, PSLists provides a secure way to reach a larger audience while maintaining security/authenticity.
  2. Use MailChimp or your providers alternate email notation instead of using your PSMail account email address. For example, in the case of MailChimp, you could send your “campaign” emails using the following notation: (if your email address is
  3. Finally, you could use an alternate email address or domain for reaching your audience. You can either purchase a third party domain or an email address/custom domain address from your marketing email provider.

PSMail’s use of DNSSEC and DMARC (SPF and DKIM) provides for most possible authentication of emails as they reach external or third-party recipients confirming both the authenticity of the domain as well as the authenticity of each email that is transmitted. This level of digital signing is currently not adopted by many email providers, but is a necessary cost to the level of privacy, security, and authenticity that we promise our users.

Note: MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other brands mentioned here are trademark protected by their respective organization. PSMail is not associated with these brands.