What is PSLists and how do I use it?

PSLists is a secure email list used to communicate with a set group of people. Messages are sent to a “list address” (ex. soccerclub@lists.psmail.net) and all members of the list, called subscribers, have access to it. The following article explains how PSLists can be used and provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

What are the different types of PSLists I can create?

Broadcast list: This type of list is perfect for sending regular newsletters. It is not threaded (sent emails are not maintained in a threaded form) and is only meant for one way communication. Only the list owner or administrator can send material to this type of list.

Threaded Discussion List: Messages sent to those on a threaded discussion list are threaded and maintained online for all subscribers to view. Anyone on the list can post to the threads, keeping the current discussion alive or creating a new one. All replys go to the entire list and, once the discussion is complete, an archived copy is available online. Note: Non-PSMail subscribers can also access these online discussions.

Ad-hoc Discussion Lists: Similar to the threaded discussion list, any message sent to the list is available to everyone on the list, but replies are only available to the original sender, not the whole group.

Anonymous List: For this list, only an approved set of senders can send messages. A reply or response from subscribers is not expected (this would be ideal for official communications within an office or business context).

How Secure is PSLists?

PSLists uses encrypted communications for authorized users and internal PSMail users (even in different domains). However, since PSLists uses opportunistic encryption, non-PSMail users who are not part of the list may not get fully encrypted communication.

How many lists can I have?

Each PSMail subscriber can create up to 10 lists, with each list containing up toย 500 subscribers.

Can I place my list addresses within the BCC field when sending an email?

Only the “To” field should be used when sending a message to a list. CC or BCC are not needed because the message can only be sent to one list at a time (no additional lists or individual users), and the recipients cannot see or find the addresses of the others included in the list.

Is there a size limit for PSLists?

The maximum message size for a list is 20 MBytes. Messages that are larger than this limit will be bounced back to List Owner to inform of the message failure. If the message uses PDF files or images or other media, we recommend you compress it to reduce clogging of the recipient’s mailboxes.

Can I use “Send Large Files” to send messages of 500 Mbytes to one of my PSlists?

This is NOT recommended or supported by our system. “Send Large Files” is a file share utility designed for sending movies or large documents securely. PSLists is not designed to work with this utility.

Troubleshooting: I sent an email to one of my lists and it bounced back.

Remember that only subscribers (those who are part of a specific list) can post to the list, and depending on what type of list it is, only list administrators may have the access to post (see the explanation of broadcast lists above). If neither of these apply to your specific situation and you are still having messages bounced, please contact our helpdesk.

Troubleshooting: I sent email to three groups that I manage, but only one group got the message.

You can send an email to only one list at a time. A message cannot contain more than one list in its “To” field.

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