Attachments with PSMailbox app

When you use PSMailbox app (version 1.2 or higher) on your iPhone or iPad, the attachments to email that you can view or preview are automatically saved to your local device. Apple’s Files app is where these files are stored on your iPhone or iPad. To access these files and modify them or mark them for reply, you should open the Files app on your device and navigate to the front screen of the Files App “Locations” and look for the “On my iPhone” or “On my iPad” link.

All the attachments that you click to view and download are stored in a folder called “attachments.” Similarly when you choose to download an attachment from PSMailbox app from Cabinet, they get stored in a folder called “cabinet.” If you decide to uninstall PSMailbox or you choose to logout and clear your session from PSMailbox app, all these files are deleted from your device for your security.