What are PSMail’s email specifications?

At PSMail we aim high to provide secure communications service with the most features.ย  Read about our email account specifications for yourย PSMailBox.

    Email account specifications:
  • PSMailbox has more than email
    • Cabinet – online storage and sharing of digital documents and other digital assets
    • Lists which includes Emails lists and groups to publish content and send newsletters
    • Calendar service accessible via mobile and desktop platforms
    • VPN to securely access your mailbox when roamin
    • Connect [*NEW] video conferencing service for both internal and external parties
  • PSMailbox can have 5 aliases / nicknames allowed for each mailbox. Learn more about aliases.
  • Storage size limit 15 GBytes. This storage includes Email, Cabinet andย  Calendar services.
  • Each email message size limit approximately 40 MBytes
  • Maximum number of recipients for a single message limit 500 (1000 per day/24 hour period)
    • [Except when blocked for behavioral spam or new accounts where limits are 20 recipients for a single message]

Note: There are also temporary limits for new account or for accounts that have violated a policy. Read more….

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