What is an email alias and how do I use it?

Similar to how it may be used in a spy movie, an alias is an assumed name that is not your own. In the case of PSMail, it’s an assumed email address.

Your PSMail account allows you to create up to five email aliases. Email sent to these addresses, as well as to your primary PSMail address, will all arrive in your primary inbox. An alias can be used for a variety of purposes. For example:

  • Perhaps your primary email address is very long or hard to spell (ex. vishwambharasmythe@psmail.net) and you are missing important emails because senders are not entering it correctly. You could create a simple alias (ex. vish@psmail.net) and have friends or colleagues use that address instead.
  • If you use an email client*, you can have email that is sent to specific aliases collected in separate folders. Friends and family might use the alias johndoe@psmail.net, and those messages could be collected in a “Personal” folder. Business colleagues might use the alias doeservicesinc@psmail.net, and those messages could be collected in a “Business” folder.

Aliases need to be manually created by our staff. To request an alias, login at https://mail.psmail.net/mail/ and then go to Preferences in the left sidebar. Click on the Request new alias link (it’s next to the box for Reply Email Address). You will see options for requesting a new alias or for deleting/replacing an old alias.

*An email client is an application that runs on your laptop or desktop computer such as Outlook, Exchange, iMail, or Eudora.

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