What do all the icons above my email mean?

When you open an email in PSMail, you’ve probably noticed the bar of icons across the top of your message. Ever wonder what they all mean? These icons represent the variety of options we’ve provided you with as you read, respond to, and interact with your emails. Many of them are self-explanatory, but a few might be a bit tricky

See below for a picture and brief explanation of each icon. Happy emailing!

Read email menu

Compose a new email. Click this if you want to begin a brand new message, rather than responding to the email you’ve currently opened.
Reply to sender. Note that this will also retain the subject of the email.
Reply to sender AND all other recipients of the email (those listed in the CC line).
Forward the email, without its attachments, to another email address.
Mark the email as SPAM and delete it. Note that the process for marking SPAM requires that you have spamcontrol enabled for your account with the minimum recommended score.
Delete the email. Once you’ve clicked on this icon, you will be asked for confirmation before the message is actually deleted.
Mark the message as unread or “new.”
Forward the email, along with its attachments, to another email address.
Print this message as seen in the current menu. Note that attachments and any images wil not print.
Add the sender of the message to your addressbook (they will also be added to your whitelist automatically).
Save this message to a current folder or a new folder.
Go on to the next email message.
Go to the previous email message.
Change how the email’s date is formatted.

You may also want to check out the article explaining the icons you might see in your inbox.

UPDATE (12/4/14): There’s one more icon to talk about, and it has to do with the updated search function. More info here.



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