What do all the icons in my inbox mean?

PSMail knows that managing your inbox can be a daunting task. Dozens of emails can arrive on a daily (hourly!) basis from business contacts, ministry supporters, family, coworkers, and more. PSMail tries to streamline this time-consuming task in several ways, including management through rules and the use of aliases. In addition to these automating features, PSMail utilizes several different icons in your inbox to provide you with information about a message’s priority, content, and privacy/security status before you’ve even opened it.

PSMail servers validate incoming messages using the location and IP address of the sending system, as well as other metadata from SMTP conversation. Aside from the most standard symbols, several of our icons represent the automated analysis performed by our servers in regard to the identity and authenticity of the incoming message.


Below is a sample screenshot of what you might see in your PSMail inbox, including the variety of icons that can present themselves. For help interpreting these icons, see the explanations below.

Icon Meaning
Digitally Signed This represents a message that has been digitally signed by a trusted third party such as Verisign or another digital certificate root service provider. Typically, email announcements from the PSMail postmaster and administrator (such as billing) are digitally signed to provide reliable email certification.
Hand Shake Local user The handshake icon indicates that the message is from a local user that has been authenticated. When you see this icon, you know that both the user and the domain name have been validated as an internal user sending email using PSMail’s secure email system.
Secure Lock SSL secured communications The secure lock icon represents an external user whose communication with our email system was SSL encrypted when received by PSMail’s servers. Read more on our website about how secure email works and how external email’s authenticity can be trusted.
Replied This “replied” icon represents a message to which you have responded.
Groups or Lists The “groups” icon shows that this message was sent to a group such as Google-groups, Yahoo-groups, or PSMail-PSLists. This indicates that the message is intended for a larger audience (i.e. a broadcast message, newsletter, or announcement).
Attachment paperclip The paperclip icon shows that the message has an attachment (i.e. PDF, .doc, image, etc.). These messages are usually larger than those that carry only text content.
Date formats The date calendar icon allows you to change date formats between ISO standard format of localtime, Local specified format of browser and original date specified by sender.
Select one ore more messages that you want to perform actions on like “Delete” or “Copy/Move” or “Read (Mark as read)”. Once you check one or more of these boxes you will see in the top right corner buttons to perform the actions.


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