Why can’t I log back into my PSMail account after logging out?

This article explains a frequent issue with a simple solution: trouble logging into PSMail.

If you’ve been working in your PSMail account and log out or close your browser window, you may have trouble logging back in. A message may appear that says: “Already logged in OR Your loggin idle time has reached and your loggin session time has expired.”

This is a frequent issue for PSMail users, but it has a simple explanation and solution. In order to make your email as secure as possible, PSMail’s security system includes a function that blocks access to your account unless the browser has been completely closed (not just the window, but the browser itself). This protects you from eavesdroppers and those who might attempt to break into your account through an open browser.

Once you’ve closed your Internet browser, you should be able to immediately open it and log back into your account.

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