How can I send extra large file attachments?

The maximum size for an email attachment is approximately 30 MBytes of files. The following article explains how to send larger attachments without negatively effecting your recipients.

PSMail sets this limit because larger attachments can begin to have an adverse effect on recipients with slow or sporadic Internet connections.

However, we also realize that there are times when a significant file, one much larger than 30MB, needs to be sent. At PSMail, we’ve designed a system that gives our users the best of both worlds: the ability to send large files, up to 500MB in size, without negatively effecting users with a poor Internet connection.

To send a large file, login to your PSMail account and click the Send Large Files link on the left hand sidebar. Enter your email recipients and your message just like you would for a regular email message. Add your attachment, up to 500MB. Note that, depending on the sensitivity of the information, you can check the box next to High Security Require Password to require all recipients to use a password to access your attachment.

Click Send.

Your message will go to all your chosen recipients, but instead of carrying the large file with your message, the attachment will be saved on our servers.ย  ย The recipient will receive an email with the subject [Secure File and Message], with a link to download the files and message from one of our load balanced servers.ย  If this message requires a password, a separate email containing the appropriate password will also be sent to all your recipients if you chose the password option.

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