What is autoresponder and how do I use it?

This article explains how to use the autoresponder function in your PSMail account to respond to friends and colleagues in your absence.

Despite the fact that technology allows us access to the Internet and email almost wherever we go, there are still situations when we may not be able to attend to our inbox for an extended period of time (days, weeks, or even months). This can pose a problem if friends, family, or colleagues send time-sensitive email messages or ask questions for which they await a response. People may wonder why they have not received a response and resend their message. Deadlines may be missed while important questions go unanswered.

Autoresponder allows you to type a general message about your absence that will respond automatically to all incoming messages while you are away. Whether you want to provide alternate contact information or simply give the date when you will again have access to your email, the autoresponder provides critical information to those who have sent you email while you are away.

Autoresponder if very easy to use. Simply log on to your PSMailbox account and click Manage Account on the left-hand sidebar. Then click Setup an auto-responder. Type your response message in the box. To enable your autoresponse, check the box next to Active, or click Advanced Options and set a date range for your response. (NOTE: If you enable your response by checking the box, be sure to uncheck it once your time of absence is complete. Otherwise, the autoresponder will continue to tell people that you are away.)

Be sure to read the Important Note. The autoresponder will only respond to emails sent to your primary PSMail address. At this time, an autoresponse will not respond to a message forwarded from another of your email accounts or one that is sent to one of your aliases.

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