Why am I receiving email bounces for emails I did not send?

If you are receiving bounced emails that look like they came from your account even though you didn’t send them, it is likely your password has beenย stolenย and is being used to send SPAM messages.

This typically happens when you use the same password in multiple places or you inadvertently entered PSMail’s account information on an unknown website (i.e. a phishing website). We recommend that you take the following actions:

  1. Immediately change your password and update your account information with a current alternate email and phone number.
  2. Setup token based authentication to ensure you have a reliable, secure way to login from devices that you do not own or do not regularly use.
  3. Notify PSMail postmaster (“postmaster@psmail.net”) so security operations can monitor your account.

Your cooperation and commitment to keeping your own account and PSMail’s system free from this type of activity is crucial for us! Thank you!