Can I forward my PSMail emails to another email address?

PSMail users can forward their emails to another email address or to a phone via email-to-sms gateway.ย  When forwarding an email you can choose to forward the full message or just a “0” byte as a notification to your alternate email address.

To do this, when you are logged in to PSMail click on Manageย in the lefthand sidebar and then Forward or Forwarding.ย You will then see the screen for “forwarding settings.” Type in the email address where you want messages forwarded and choose “Keep a copy of emails here” if you want a copy of emails saved in your PSMail secure email location.


Next, choose if this is an “SMS Forward” (or Notification) in which case you can select the number of bytes (characters) of this message that will be relayed to your phone or alternate email address. Choosing 0 bytes will still send the email header (Subject, From, Date of the email), thus notifying you that you’ve received new mail.