SETUP: Secure Chat Using Windows Client

Step 1: Download Coccinella Messenger from Messenger.exe.
(NOTE: Coccinnela is free software distributed under GPL license.)

Step 2: Begin installation of Coccinella by right-clicking the Cocinella icon and choosing Run.

Step 3: If you have your windows firewall enabled, you will be prompted with a security alert. When asked for permission to install the application, accept the permissions.

Step 4: The Setup Assisant will launch automatically. Click Next to proceed.

Step 5: When prompted to select server, enter “” in the Server field.

Step 6: For Username, enter the user portion of your primary email address here (ex. enter “username” if your address is For Password, enter your PSMail password and confirm it.

Step 7: When asked if this is a new account, just click Next to proceed.

Step 8: Click Finish to complete.

Step 9: To start a session for the first time, double click the Coccinella icon and click the Login button.

Step 10: When prompted, click on More to enter aditional information.

Step 11: Click on the Server tab. Enter “” for Host and “5222” for Port.

Step 12: You should now be able to see your friends and your status on the screen.

Step 13: To add a new chat contact, click on the Contact button. Enter the email address of the user whom you would like to chat with ( or

Step 14: If the contact grants permission to see his / her status, you will see this message to confirm trust. Your friend will then be added to your contact list.

Step 15: You can also allow your friends to see your status when connected – if you choose to do so. When they add you to their contact list, you will get a question window like the one shown below. Click Yes to allow them to see your presence when you are online.

Step 16: To chat with someone, just click on the friend’s email address and begin typing. Your chat session is safe and secure.

NOTE: The lady bug icon on the status bar can be used anytime to open Coccinnella Messanger.

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