SETUP: Cabinet for Linux

Accessing Cabinet from Linux is easy.

If you are using the Ubuntu operating system with the latest Gnome desktop you can use the Explorer application to connect to PSMail’s cabinet. Here are the steps

1.  Open Explorer and click on “Connect to Server”


Ubuntu connect to server

2.  Enter the URL for connecting to PSMail cabinet like davs://
(Assuming your primary PSMail email address is
connect to server ubuntu 2

3.  When prompted for authentication, enter your full PSMail email address and password

connect to ubuntu server 3

4. Once you are connected you will see the files that can be downloaded via drag and drop both ways from PSMail cabinet system.

Ubuntu cabinet 4



1. Download and install the latest davfs on your system

For Ubuntu or Debain systems “sudo apt-get install davfs2

For Redhat or Centos system “yum install davfs2

2. Create the mount point
mkdir ~/Desktop/cabinet

3. Mount the WebDav server (replace with your primary email address)
sudo mount.davfs ~/Desktop/cabinet

You will be prompted for your username, enter your PSMail primary email address and password.

5. You can now access the cabinet and all its files

ls ~/Desktop/cabinet

6. Unmount when finished

sudo umount ~/Desktop/cabinet

Linux Cabinet

Davfs is an open-source project that permits mounting a WebDAV resource in the local file system. It is then possible to perform all usual operations on the files and folders: davfs will transparently convert the operations into WebDAV commands.
It is also possible to edit files directly in the mounted WebDAV folder.

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