SETUP: IMAP for Outlook 2016

Note: All IMAP usage from October 2022 will require Device Password.

The following are instructions for those who use Outlook 2016 as their email client and would like to access PSMail via the IMAP email protocol.

Step 1: Open Outlook.

Step 2: Click the File tab.

Step 3: Click + Add Account.

Step 4: Enter your PSMail email address (i.e. “”) and tick the checkbox next to Let me set up my account manually. Then clickย Connect.

Step 5: From the Choose account type menu, select IMAP.

Step 6: Enter the following settings forย Incoming mail:
Server โ€“ “”
Port โ€“ “993”
Encryption method โ€“ “SSL/TLS”

For Outgoing mail:
Server โ€“ “”
Port โ€“ “587”
Encryption method โ€“ “STARTTLS”

Step 7: Click Connect to continue.

Step 8: Outlook 2016 will then try to connect to the server. Enter your PSMail account password for the incoming mail server and click OK.

Step 9: Enter the email account password again for the outgoing mail server and click OK.ย (NOTE: Saving this password in your password list is optional.)

Step 10: Account setup is complete and you may now use IMAP for your email account.

As always, if you have any trouble with this setup or need some clarification, you can contact us at our helpdesk.