How do I close my browser (and my PSMail session) on an iPad or iPhone?

How do I close the browser on my iPhone or iPad?

When using the Safari browser on an iPad or iPhone, follow these steps to close the browser entirely (thereby cleaning up your PSMail session):

Step One: Double click the Home button.

Step Two: All current active applications will now appear in miniature, allowing you to scroll through them from left to right. Scroll to the right or left until you find Safari.

Step Three: Place your finger on Safari and swipe upwards, moving the Safari application off the screen. This closes the Safari application.

Step Four: Tap on the Home button to return to your home screen.

Now your browser cache and cookies for the PSMail session are closed, and you can login with a fresh session. This is useful if you share an iPad and want to completely close a previous user session before the device is used by someone else.

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