Why should I use secure email?

The importance of a secure email service.

Did you know that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can easily read your email and use it for their own marketing purposes? They can also sell information about your Internet browsing habits to other companies.

Did you know that your mailbox can receive a virus that can completely destroy data on your computer and that you could accidentally transmit that virus to your friends and family?

Did you know that only 20% of email are legitimate messages? 80% are offensive or abusive emails known as SPAM.

These are just a few reasons why having a secure email service is so important. PSMail.net’s servers provide you with privacy protection by using SSL to encrypt your email and keep it from prying eyes. We also provide virus scanning and SPAM filtering to protect your mailbox from dangerous incoming messages. To learn more about PSMail’s security and how we protect our subscribers, read the following article: How does secure email work?

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