What is email?

The basics on email, its uses, and its security.

Email, or electronic mail, lets you send written messages via the Internet. Email is a basic Internet service and by far the most popular; it has become a virtual necessity for both business and personal use. In some ways, email is simply a faster version of postal mail. In fact, much of the time you’ll be exchanging messages in plain text form (like the words on this page) just as you would be writting a letter. However, email also lets you easily exchange a wide variety of additional material: spreadsheets, document files, images, videos, and programs (just to name a few).

You can send and receive email messages to and from anyone with an email address. Since over 30 million people now have access to the Internet (and, therefore, email services), you have the opportunity to communicate with people nearby and around the world with the click of your mouse.

You can use either an email client on your computer or an Internet based webmail service to compose, send, and read email. Once you compose a message and click “send,” your message travels in electronic form through several other sites on the Internet. It is then held at its destination until the person to whom it’s addressed reads it, saves it in a file, or deletes it. The recipient does not have to be logged in or using a computer for the email to be delivered to their inbox. When they do eventually use their computer to check for email, your message will be right there waiting.

If you want to learn more about email and how it works, check out the following websites.

Because of its electronic nature and the way mail is sent, email can pose a security issue. Messages and their contents can be intercepted and computer viruses can be transfered from one computer to another. At PSMail, we secure your email from these threats in several ways. First, we encrypt the email sessions between your computer and our servers using SSL Technology. This protects the privacy of your information. Further, PSMail works to eliminate viruses and SPAM by providing multiple technologies that verify your email and intercept dangerous incoming messages. If you’d like to know more about how PSMail protects you and your email information, please read the following article: How does secure email work?

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