PSMailbox iOS updates

PSMailbox iOS apps were updated to our latest version to support all the privacy features provided Apple in their iOS apps ecosystem. There are also two new features that are highlighed here

  1. Cabinet availability in Files app

Apple’s iOS devices provide a File app which allows you to connect to “Cloud Storage” such as iCloud. PSMailbox app now publishes the documents, pictures, videos and other resources stored in PSMail Cabinet to be visible in the Files app. Please see the screenshot below as to where to access these resources when in iPhone or iPad’s native Files app

2. Sharing pictures, videos, files from device to Cabinet cloud

iOS devices also provide aa simple way to use the “share” icon to share an image or a document to other users either via email or into a cloud storage. If you have PSMailbox app on your iOS device, you can quickly share these Photos or other resources, by choosing PSMailbox as an option after click on “share” icon. See screenshot below for details.