Authentication Error: Username update

If you are experiencing errors when using your email client, please make sure your email client is updated and setup to use your primary email address as the username.

Recently, some PSMail subscribers have been reporting intermittent authentication issues that have been traced to an issue with how their email client structures their username. Some very old email clients did not accept the โ€œ@โ€œ symbol in the username field. In response to this, we have supported the user of โ€œusername-psmail.netโ€ rather than โ€œโ€ Unfortunately, as time has passed, that little dash (-) that was used to replace the โ€œ@โ€œ symbol has begun to cause problems.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. For most of our subscribers, nothing needs to be done. However, we are asking any of our users whose email clients may have the incorrect PSMail username to update the usernames to accurately reflect the proper PSMail address. For clarity, this means that any client that has the PSMail username entered using a dash (-) in place of the โ€œ@โ€œ symbol needs to be updated so that the proper format is used (

To find where your username was entered follow the instructions for your email client.ย  If you IMAP, find your client’s instructions by visiting:

If you use POP3, find your client’s instructions by visiting:


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