Why isn’t there an option to connect to OpenVPN once I’ve installed it? (Windows OS)

Question: I installed openvpn successfully, but when I right-click the icon in the status bar, the only options are Proxy Settings, About, and Exit. Why aren’t there options to “Connect” and “Connect to PSMail?”


This happens because when you installed openvpn, something prevented the copying of required configuration files into the appropriate configuration folder. The problem could be an external program (such as Antivirus software) or Windows access control. To correct the issue, you can either exclude the openvpn software PSVPN from your Antivirus software (or from Windows access control) OR you can walk through the following steps to install the files that were not installed properly:

1.  Download the configuration file https://mail.psmail.net/secure/vpn/sslvpn/openvpn-config.zip
(enter your PSMail email address and password if prompted)
2.  Save this file in a convenient location.
3.  Extract the zip file, typically by right-clicking and selecting “Extract Here.”
4.  Copy the Folder PSVPN to your configuration folder – typically C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config
5.  Restart OpenVPN.


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