Lots of Options with PSMail Rules

These days, it seems we all wear a number of different hats. There’s a hat we put on for our job (or two for our jobs!), one for our family, another couple for civic activities and friends. In our digital world, it seems inevitable that all these aspects of our lives, however diverse, end up running into each other in one concentrated space: our inbox.

PSMail has recently introduced a mail rules system to help untangle your inbox and keep all your “hats” in order. It can even take care of some simple tasks on its own, saving you time and effort. Best of all, it’s included at no extra charge with the subscription you already have!

PSMail Rules is like an organizational system for all those hats. It’s flexible, easy to set up, and can be adjusted at any time as your needs change.

As mail comes into your Inbox, PSMail Rules can immediately identify messages from a specific source, to a specific source (if you use aliases), or with a specific subject. It can then perform a variety of functions with these identified messages, anything from diverting them to one of your mail folders to automatically forwarding them to someone else.

For example: Let’s say you have a part time job with a couple of friends, johndoe@gmail.com and mattdodge@yahoo.com. With a few clicks you can set PSMail Rules to immediately divert any incoming messages from these two sources to a folder entitled “Side Job.”

In addition, momanddad@psmail.net are often sending you updates on the new house they’re building. You know your spouse would like to keep up on this as well, so you can have PSMail Rules forward a copy of the incoming messages to his/her mailbox as well.

You also find yourself on a mailing list that delivers a newsletter you no longer want to receive. You could place the sender in your spam filter’s blacklist, but you don’t really want to block other useful messages that sometimes come from the same sender. So you simply tell PSMail Rules to divert any message with the subject “Newsletter” to quarantine. All other messages from the same source will arrive as normal to your inbox.

You can use PSMail Rules as much (create many rules to keep all your activities in order) or as little (just set up one rule for a temporary need) as you want. They can be changed, added to, ordered, or done away with quickly and easily. They take effect immediately after you’ve created them, and disappear immediately after deletion.

To set up your own rules, just log into your PSMail account and click on the “Manage Account” link in the left-hand sidebar (click the words, not the +). Then click on “Rules.” When you’ve set your parameters, click “Add Rules” to put them into effect. Create as many as you’d like. The options are endless! As always, if you have questions about PSMail Rules, we’d be more than happy to answer them.