Can I get a payment receipt or an invoice for my account?

A payment receipt for your PSMail account may be required for reimbursement or for tax purposes. ย Please see below for an easy way to generate your own receipt.

If you paid for your account using a credit card, these payments are processed by our Credit Card processing company.ย  PSMail usually sends out payment receipts automatically for your payments. These come from our parent company as “Argonaut Quality Systems” with subject “Your Argonaut Quality Systems receipt [#1158-3743]” The number 1158-3743 is your receipt number in this example.ย  If you cannot find this email, you can contact us to get a new copy.

If you used Paypal for payment, visit and follow a similar procedure to obtain a copy of your invoice. The Paypal receipt is tied to your Paypal profile. If you paid for your account without creating a profile, you can still find your “Transaction ID” that will help you find your payment and print a receipt.

As always, if you are having trouble and need assistance, you can contact us at our help desk.

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