SETUP: POP3 Generic Client Settings

To access your PSMailbox using your browser, follow this link: PSMailBox WebMail

We’re constantly striving to stay on top of the settings for the many email applications used by our subscribers.  If you don’t find instructions for your application, please write to us. Below are the generic settings for POP3. For detailed instructions on using MS Outlook, Outlook Express, MAC OS X Mail, or Thunderbird to access your PSMailbox, follow this link: SETUP: Email Applications.

The Generic Settings are:

Email Address
Use your PSMail address in place of “username”

Mail Account Type

POP3/POP Account

POP3 Server
(Incoming mail server)

(Account name)
Use your PSMail address here


As set up by you

SMTP Server
(Outgoing mail server)

Advanced Options

POP3 SSL Secure Sockets Layer


POP3 over SSL Port Number


SMTP Authentication


SMTP Authentication method


SMTP Authentication Username
Use your PSMail address here

SMTP Authentication Password

Same as POP3 over SSL password

SMTP SSL Options


SMTP Port Number

NOTE: We do not recommend using Port 25 as most ISP’s block this port

If you’re having trouble with your specific application, please contact our helpdesk. When writing, please include the name of your email software, the version, and your computer’s operating system. It is also helpful to include screen prints of your setup panels and any other details you can provide.

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