What should I do if I’ve forgotten or lost my password?

“I’ve lost my PSMail password. Can you send it to me?”

When a request comes in claiming to be a PSMail user and asking for an account’s password, we at PSMail recognize that this could be a security threat. For your protection, PSMail employees will first verify that the person sending the email is really the person who owns the account. If everything checks out, we can help you reset your password.ย  We will NOT be able to send the user their current password (PSMail staff will never access our subscribers’ password information). Instead, we reset the password and allow the user to create his/her own. Continue reading What should I do if I’ve forgotten or lost my password?

Pricing for Your Organization

PSMail offers multiple hosting services, from basic web and email hosting for a handful of users to secure web and email hosting for a business with several thousand employees. For all our services, we strive to keep prices affordable while offering you and your organization the best in secure technology.

The table below shows our basic cost structure for group accounts of 25 mailboxes or more. Continue reading Pricing for Your Organization