What is PSMail’s Cabinet service?

Cabinet is a service that lets you store your files – videos, pictures, documents, etc. – in secure online storage. These files can then be accessed by all your devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.) from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows you to, for example, begin working in one location, continue via mobile device as you’re on the move, and complete your task once you’ve arrived at your destination.


Cabinet solves many of the problems encountered with traditional file management. It eliminates:

  • The need to make multiple copies of the same file.
  • Confusion over which file among the many scattered across several devices is most current.
  • The danger of losing a file that was saved on a USB/thumb drive.
  • The hassle of emailing yourself a file to get it from your PC to phone to iPad, etc.
  • The necessity of keeping a secure backup of your file in a remote location.

PSMail’s Cabinet requires a secure protocol for any files to be accessed or used. This means that an authenticated, secure connection keeps anyone from viewing or tampering with your information assets.

Click here to learn how to use cabinet with your PSMailbox account.

Cabinet FAQ’s

Q. What is the storage quota for Cabinet?

A. The storage quota for Cabinet is up to 6 GB.* ย Your overall quota limits can be viewed when you are logged into PSMail by visit “Manage (Account)” -> “View Account status”

Q. What is the maximum file size you can store in Cabinet?

A. Files stored in Cabinet are limited to 100 MBytes each.

Q. Does Cabinet use secure protocols to transmit and store information?

A. Cabinet uses https (SSL with http) for all its transactions and all stored files are encrypted.

Q. Can Cabinet be used file encryption solutions like BoxCryptor?

A. Yes, You can use BoxCryptor to further protect files by encrypting them using additional storage encryption. ย Choose Webdav as your protocol for storing data in PSMail cabinet with URL of https://mirror.psmail.net/cabinet/username @psmail.net (where username @psmail.net is your PSMail primary email address). Learn more about how to integrate this in our blog entry.


* You may store 6 GB of data between Cabinet and your mailbox combined.

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