Whitelisting a User

PSMail user tip: If you expect an email from someone but are concerend it may be interpreted as SPAM, you can ensure receipt by adding them to your whitelist. Or you can just send an empty email to that person, and their email will be added to your autowhitelist automatically.

Dont miss an email from a friend or coworker! PSMail’s whitelist feature is available by logging in at https://mail.psmail.net/mail/ and going to “Manage Account” and then to “Spam Control”. You can whitelist a single email address, an entire domain, or a wild card address. Here are some examples:

chui@singnet.com.sg will whitelist a single user
@nist.gov will whitelist the entire domain nist.gov
nashtam* will whitelist any email address or email name that contains nashtam

Note: Whitelist entries are checked before blacklist entries by the PSMail system, so if someone’s email address matches your whitelist, the blacklist will not be checked. The system also prevents you from accidentally blacklisting users to whom you send emails; when you send an e-mail to someone they are automatically added to your whitelist.

PSMail also has a autowhitelist feature.ย  Whenever you send email to a remote user or reply to an email from a remote user.ย  These email addresses are automatically added to your autowhitelist.ย  You can review your automatic whitelist and remove individual email addresses that you no longer would like from your automatic whitelist.ย  Here are the steps

  • Login to PSMail at https://mail.psmail.net/
  • Click on “Manage” on the left side menu and then on “Spam Control”
  • Right below your whitelist you will see the option “Display/Manage automatically whitelisted users”
  • Click on “Delete” to remove any particular address from the autowhitelist.



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