What is PSMail Connect?

PSMail Connect is a video conferencing service included with every PSMail user’s annual subscription. PSMail Connect is designed to provide you with an easy and secure way to video conference with your friends, social networks, and small group gatherings. PSMail Connect is supported on most common devices (PC’s, laptops, and mobile phones) and will allow you to have video conferences with other PSMail users as well as non-PSMail users.

Here’s an overview of the service:

  • You can use PSMail Connect on popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Safari and Edge are still being tested, but you are welcome to try them out and give us your feedback.
  • PSMail Connect is also available for mobile devices via an app (“PSMail Connect”), which is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.  Non-PSMail users can also use this free app to join video conferences.
  • PSMail users can also do video conferencing from the current PSMailbox app as well by using the Connect icon (make sure, however, that your app has the most current updates).
  • PSMail users and external users (non-PSMail) can both use the app from their mobile devices or a web browser software (like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge) to join conferences.
  • PSMail users can create both immediate “Instant Meetings” or plan “Scheduled Meetings” ahead of time.
  • Every meeting has a unique Meeting ID and a password that’s always required to join. PSMail users, however, won’t need the password as long as they are logged into their PSMail account.
  • The “Connect” icon should be visible in both the mobile app and, for PSMail users, on the dashboard once you’ve logged into your account.
  • PSMail Connect is encrypted from a server to the client on all communications including chat and voice. However, this is different from end-to-end encryption, the server maintains independent encrypted communications with each client.