What is BCC – Blind Carbon Copy

PSMail Quick Tip: Most email providers offer a BCC option when composing an email. BCC is a throw back term for typists meaning “blind carbon copy.” When you send a message to a large group of people using BCC rather than CC (carbon copy), recipients cannot see everyone who received the email. This protects recipients’ privacy by hiding their address from your contacts who they do not know as well as from some email clients that automatically add all addresses to a recipient’s address book.

Using BCC provides:

* Privacy – When sending an email to a large group of people, as with a newsletter, it is respectful to keep your contacts from reading or harvesting others’ email addresses.
* Clarity – Many times, forwarded emails contain large amounts of other recipients’ addresses and are confusing to sort through.
* Security – Some viruses are automatically transmitted to and from user address books; using BCC helps prevent such accidental infections.

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