Social Media Security

PSMail Quicktip: Social media security
While social media sites like facebook, twitter, and myspace are great for communicating with friends and family, a lot of personal information – like your location, recent travel, vacation plans, and family changes – can be collected from profiles and public posts. Here’s some tips to protect your identity while using social media:

1.ย  Keep your profile privacy settings high so that only friends and trusted connections can have access.

2.ย  Do not post private information in your profile (upcoming travel plans with dates, recent job change details, recent family change details, your address and phone number, etc.).

3.ย  Do not connect your profile to people you don’t know or have just barely met. Scam artists can pose as an ex-classmate or ex-roommate in an attempt to get your personal information.

4.ย  Do not click on links that claim to have come from facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. Sometimes these links will take you to pages that look like the social media site, but are actually fronts for scammers attempting to get your information. Rather than clicking on the link, sign in separately via the site’s homepage.


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