How do I use PSMail’s token login system?

You see it everyday. Maybe two or three times a day:

The secure login page for your PSMail account.

But have you ever noticed the option for Token Login hiding there at the bottom of the box? Maybe you have, and maybe you’ve even clicked on it or read a bit about the token system on the web. But it all seems too confusing. Such a hassle.

The truth is, if you’re logging into your account in a public place (like a coffee shop, Panera Bread, or a campus wireless network) or on a public computer (like at the library or an internet cafe), you’re putting your password at risk. Hackers and eavesdroppers have several ways of snagging your password, from looking over your shoulder to much more sophisticated software keystroke logging systems. And once your password is stolen…well, your privacy and security are taken as well.

To help simplify the transition to a token login, we’ve created two tutorial videos for those who think their account access might demand this extra layer of security.* The first is linked here and the second here. If after watching the videos you still have some questions or need further help walking through the process the first time, our helpdesk is, as always, ready to help.

* NOTE: Since creating these videos, PSMail has released our own app for the creation of the unique tokens used in two-factor authentication. Further information and links to the app can be found here.

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