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How can I utilize Viscosity with PSVPN on my Mac OS X?

Viscosity (from Sparklabs) is software that provides a reliable way to manage openvpn configuration. It is able to operate cross platform and provides a very user-friendly interface that even enables you to manage multiple VPN providers. It is compatible with MAC OS X Mountain Lion (Windows 8 as well) and its security features. 

To install PSVPN's preconfigured Viscosity on MAC OS X with PSMail:

Step One: If you have Tunnelblick or a previous version of Viscosity installed, it is recommended that you completely uninstall the app and all its configurations.

Step Two: Download the file (enter your PSMail primary email address and password when prompted).

Step Three: The installed should appear in your Downloads or on your Desktop depending on your configuration.

Step Four: Double click the to initiate the install. (Alternatively, you can just drag the to your Applications folder.) Viscosity will then automatically import the required PSVPN configuration into its configuration store.

Step Five: Restart your Mac and then click on Viscosity to initiate te app. You should then see the option to Connect to PSVPN.

Step Six: You can choose this connection and connect using your PSMail primary email address as the username and your PSMail password.

To import PSMail's configuration into your existing Viscosity software:

Step One: Download from PSMail (enter your PSMail primary email address and password when prompted).

Step Two: Open Viscosity and notice the Viscosity icon on your top status bar.

Step Three: In the status bar select Preferences. With the Connections tab highlighted, click the + sign to add a connection. Then select Import Connection.

Step Four: Choose PSVPN.ovpn in your Downloads or Desktop folder under the PSVPN folder. Then:

a) Ensure that the connection is imported. You can rename it per your preference (ex. "PSMail").

b) When you click on the status bar, you should now see PSVPN as an option for connection.

c) You can now choose this connection and connect with your PSMail primary email (as username) and password.


1. Double-click the "personalVPN.dmg" file that should be on your computer in your desktop, or downloads folders.


2. A new personalVPN™ icon will appear on your Desktop and the below screen will pop up.

Drag Viscosity icon into your Applications Folder, or just drag and drop on Applications Folder icon in screen.



3. RESTART your Mac. (this is optional, but recommended)


4. Go into your Applications Folder and Double-click on Viscosity icon to Launch Viscosity.

IMPORTANT: If you previously had Tunnelblick installed, you may get asked to import configurations.


We recommend that you DO NOT DO THIS. Viscosity is pre-loaded with all WiTopia VPN configurations.


5. An icon should appear in your upper toolbar (a Globe). This is how you will control personalVPN™.