Device Password

Device Password In 1980, Bill Gates established his company with a vision for “a computer on desk and in every home.” Today, nearly every individual has at least one computer-like device, and often three or four. From smart phones to

Cyber Hygiene

Cyber Hygiene We’ve been getting lots of instruction lately – from the media, from businesses, from our mothers – about hygiene. With the corona virus pandemic in full swing, hand washing and sanitizing is definitely happening more often than usual.

Need for Speed?

We like speed. We like things to get done fast. We like to check things off our list. Now. That’s probably why we like the Internet so much.  Some of us still remember the dial-up days and can truly appreciate

Spot that Phish

Spot that Phish By now, you’ve probably heard about “phishing” emails. Perhaps you even know about these dangerous messages by personal experience. These malicious attacks are a common method used by those trying to steal your personal (or business) information.

Losing your wallet

Losing your wallet

Losing your wallet It’s funny how times change. Back in the days before cell phones, the loss of a wallet – a physical wallet – was a significant disaster. What other piece of property contained so much information about yourself?

Private data

Private Data in the Cloud As human beings, we all appreciate a certain level of privacy. That’s why we have shower curtains and window blinds. It’s also why we tend towards journals for our thoughts and quiet conversation in public

Passwords Management

Passwords Management Passwords, passwords, passwords! If you are concerned about the security of your online information and personal identity (and who wouldn’t be?), then you’ve had to think about passwords. Security people talk about them. Every website you create an