PSMailbox for the Individualcomputer-man-full

PSMailbox is our most personal solution for the security and privacy minded individual. Your PSMailbox provides a variety of secure services designed to protect yourself, your information, and your email traffic from internet security threats, and all for one low annual cost!

For just $40 per year, a PSMail subscriber enjoys the following services:

  • Secure, encrypted emailbox with access via ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, and webmail.
    • Your personal or secure email address with upto 5 aliases
    • Secure email groups and lists to interact with your community
    • Safe access via secure password – 2FA (two factor authentication MobileOTP) and One Time Password OTP.
  • * NEW Secure Video Conferencing with mobile support Learn more about PSMail Connect
  • VPN to securely browse the internet and access your account from any location.
  • Secure cloud storage of your files, images, videos, and sharing of content through Cabinet (up to 12 GB!).
  • Secure online calendar that can be safely shared with family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Secure chat using reliable two-way communications with your peers and group chat rooms for your collective team.
  • Access to our Service Desk which responds to all requests within 24 hours (the average response time is actually well under one hour).

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