• 🔒 Green Padlock
    Unlocking the padlock sign

    Have you ever checked for the padlock icon in your address bar, just to be sure the website you’re visiting is safe? That assurance may be warranted…or maybe not. What exactly does the little padlock mean?
  • PSMailbox for
    Your team

    per year, per user (25 or more)

    PSMailbox per user
    @domain.me email
    Centralized management
    Yearly invoice
  • Why PSMail?
    Two accounts one price!

    Why settle for one, when you can have two?
    PSMailbox is like having two accounts for the price of one: secure email and secure VPN, together for one affordable price.
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  • PSMailbox for

    per year, all inclusive

    Private, secure mailbox
    Secure VPN access
    Mobile friendly
    Cloud ready