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Passwords Management

Passwords Management Passwords, passwords, passwords! If you are concerned about the security of your online information and personal identity (and who wouldn’t be?), then you’ve had to think about passwords. Security people talk about them. Every website you create an

🔒 Green padlock

Unlocking the Green Padlock So you’re doing some online banking – or shopping or logging into your health insurance or HSA account, etc. – and you suddenly remember all those terrible stories about fake websites luring unsuspecting customers into giving

Internet Shopping

Keeping Online Shopping Safe – Things You Might Not Think Of   The holiday season often brings out news reports and articles highlighting the increased use of the internet for Christmas shopping and how many billions of dollars will be spent

The Weak Link

You’re cautious. You use long, complicated passwords. You never click on links from sources you are unfamiliar with. You never respond to suspicious emails. You don’t reuse passwords and even use 2-factor authentication for your online accounts when it’s available.