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🔒 Green padlock

Unlocking the Green Padlock So you’re doing some online banking – or shopping or logging into your health insurance or HSA account, etc. – and you suddenly remember all those terrible stories about fake websites luring unsuspecting customers into giving

The Weak Link

You’re cautious. You use long, complicated passwords. You never click on links from sources you are unfamiliar with. You never respond to suspicious emails. You don’t reuse passwords and even use 2-factor authentication for your online accounts when it’s available.


Ransomware! Think of the information contained on your personal computer or laptop: Pictures. Documents. Financial information. Files you’ve taken home from the office to work on over the weekend. Music and videos. Now think: how much is it all worth

Passwords Again?

Passwords Again? Over the years, PSMail has published several articles and much advice on creating strong passwords and on the benefits of supplementing them with our two-factor authentication. So you might be asking, “Why another article on passwords?” Here’s a

Privacy battle

Privacy battle

Privacy Battle There was a time when protecting your privacy was a much simpler task. Things like “don’t tell strangers your bank account information” and “keep unwanted visitors from snooping around your house” seemed pretty straightforward. Now, however, protecting your privacy is