SIM Swap

SIM Swap If you are at all interested in internet security or follow the news about the latest hacks and fraud alerts, you have probably noticed the continual back-and-forth that goes on between the “security guys” and the “hacker guys.”

Internet of Things?

Have you tried to buy a refrigerator lately? When someone at a local appliance store told me that the new Samsung refrigerator can connect to the Internet and show me all the recipes for Lasagna and recommend the best ingredients

Passwords Again?

Passwords Again? Over the years, PSMail has published several articles and much advice on creating strong passwords and on the benefits of supplementing them with our two-factor authentication. So you might be asking, “Why another article on passwords?” Here’s a

Privacy battle

Privacy battle

Privacy Battle There was a time when protecting your privacy was a much simpler task. Things like “don’t tell strangers your bank account information” and “keep unwanted visitors from snooping around your house” seemed pretty straightforward. Now, however, protecting your privacy is

Kids and the Internet

Kids and the Internet Sometimes, it’s not what we do online that brings the greatest threat, it’s what our kids do, often unwittingly. It’s amazing how quickly little kids pick up on technology! From toddlers to teens, touch screens, mobile