Device Password

Device Password

In 1980, Bill Gates established his company with a vision for “a computer on desk and in every home.” Today, nearly every individual has at least one computer-like device, and often three or four. From smart phones to tablets and laptops to desktops, we have all proven the foresight of Gates’ vision. However, With it has come some unexpected challenges.

While today’s cloud technologies make it convenient to have the same content on all of an individual’s devices, this introduces a security danger: the account passwords are also stored on all those devices. If one device is stolen or lost, all become vulnerable and you may have to reset the password on each of your other access points.

PSMail wants to close this security hole for our users. Our service includes a device specific password option. Using your one unique master password, users are encouraged to create device passwords: unique codes stored on each of your devices.

“More passwords?” you say. “I can barely remember the ones I have now. And besides, if one of my devices was accessed by someone intent on invading my data, they’re still able to get into all my accounts, right?”
We feel your pain with the ever-mounting number of passwords. That’s why a device password, once created from your PSMail account to apply to a specific device, only has to be entered once. You will remain logged into your account on that device and won’t ever have to enter that password again. No remembering; no sticky notes; no typing and retyping complicated strings of characters.

As for access to a missing device? That phone you left on the bus? Just log into your account from another device using your master password, find the device under “Manage” -> “Devices/2FA” and revoke access. Even if the password stored on the lost device was recovered by someone with less than savory intentions, it will be of no use.

We would like our customers to create and use device passwords for most of their PSMail related accounts (IMAP, email clients, etc.). When you use PSMail’s apps – such as PSMail Connect or PSMailbox – there is no need to use a device password as one is automatically generated for you without having to create and copy/paste the password. These apps appear as trusted devices for automatic login.

See PSMail’s support article on how you can use

Device Password
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