Privacy battle

privacy-shredderPrivacy Battle

There was a time when protecting your privacy was a much simpler task. Things like “don’t tell strangers your bank account information” and “keep unwanted visitors from snooping around your house” seemed pretty straightforward. Now, however, protecting your privacy is a constant battle, and it’s not even limited to guarding yourself from “bad guys.” Hackers certainly pose a great risk, but there are also governments, large corporations, and savvy organization seeking to know all sorts of things about you, from shopping habits to your current location and email contacts.

In this information age, everything you do leaves a trail: internet usage, mobile phone usage, opening a credit card, making a purchase… Even when your friends or family post information about you, they are inadvertently placing more of YOU out there for others to see.

For a long time now, PSMail has been working to protect your privacy. You’ve read about our encryption (“encryption always – no exceptions”) and enjoyed our secure VPN. What you might not know, however, is that there are other, less obvious ways that we help prevent information about you and your family from being gathered by all those unseen forces. For example:

If you use other email services you’ve probably noticed targeted ads based on your personal information and profile. They are able to do that by scanning your emails and then basing their advertising on what they find there. While this may be convenient (for you or for them?), it is just one more way that information about you and your life is no longer private. At PSMail, our VPN and email service comes with many extra layers of protection to hinder the gleaning of your personal information by these giant social media companies.  In addition, we will never troll your email to target ads to you.

In fact, we won’t display any advertisements at all. Ever.

So keep up the privacy battle! It’s a fight worth fighting and we’re glad you’ve chosen us to help you!

Privacy battle
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