Dangerously Mobilized?

Set of touchscreen smartphonesDangerously Mobilized?

Mobile phone technology seems to advance on a daily (or hourly!) basis. We’ve come a long way from the bulky, holstered cell phones of old. So far, in fact, that mobile devices barely resemble phones at all.

Nor do they act like phones. Today’s devices provide multiple communication options including Internet, web, email, SMS/text, voice, and voicemail. You can surf the web via wifi or WLAN on your phone, make purchases through your phone, access social media, and use an ever increasing multitude of other applications. In many ways, such technology has increased efficiency and convenience, bringing the world literally to our fingertips!

With the blessings, however, come increased dangers. While mobile technology is incredibly convenient and easy to use, it is susceptible to the same security threats as your computer at home. In addition, it also carries the unique dangers inherent in its mobile nature. It has never been more important to safeguard yourself from scams, hackers, and other criminals intent on using your information for their own ends.

That’s why PSMail provides several solutions to protect your mobile communications. Learn more about our mobile security solutions.

Dangerously Mobilized?