Welcome – new website

new-websiteWelcome our new website!
We’ve redesigned PSMail.net to provide our subscribers with a new look and a richer experience. This update is mobile friendly and integrates our support site to continue providing support and answers to all your questions, technical and otherwise.

In addition, our latest security articles and twitter feeds are now easily accessible at the bottom of any page, making it easy to stay up to date on privacy and security news. Reaching out to contact us has also been simplified with a new, easily accessible contact form that will follow you as your browse much of the site. Just check the bottom left corner of the screen and shoot us any questions or comments you might have.

With all this talk of “new,” however, we assure you that we haven’t forgotten our most important goals: the security and privacy of our customers. That has not changed and we are determined as ever to:

  • Provide a secure technology platform for electronic communications
  • Provide VPN service that allows users to safely use the Internet from anywhere in the world
  • Offer reliable, easy-to-use, internet-based services at an affordable price

Neither has our attention to customer needs changed as we will continue to provide fast, prompt attention to your inquiries and questions. After all, our new look was driven in large part by you: it was your feedback that emphasized the importance of making the leap to our new site! We greatly appreciate you, our subscribers, and look forward to continuing to serve you.